Four NAP Writing Workshop Nairobi 2022 Participants discussing and using their computer
Four NAP Writing Workshop participants access NAP Central on their computers. - Nairobi, Kenya. 2022


Objectives of NAP Central

  1. To facilitate access to data, information, and knowledge on adaptation assessment, planning, and implementation to all relevant stakeholders in LDCs and other countries that are developing national adaptation plans.
  2. To offer a platform to showcase samples of processes and outputs of adaptation planning and implementation from other countries, to offer lessons to those developing adaptation plans in developing country settings.
  3. To promote good practice in adaptation planning by sharing success stories and negative experiences from the experience of others, recognizing that adaptation will improve over time through learning-by-doing.
  4. To provide the main entry to NAP practitioners and offer links to available resources (funding and technical support), programmes supporting adaptation in developing countries, state of the science on aspects of adaptation (data, assessment, responses, etc), and provide a platform for sharing experience and ideas for advancing adaptation planning.

NAP Central is being developed under the guidance of the LDC Expert Group, with inputs from the Adaptation Committee. A Support Group is also active and expects to go into full swing once the system is fully operational.​​​​​