The LEG has collaborated with other groups to develop initiatives to accelerate and enhance the support given to developing countries in their NAP Process.

Read more about these initiatives below to see how you can engage to receive or provide these types of support


The LDC Expert Group (LEG) is elaborating summaries for all NAPs posted and analyzing them based on the

  • NAP's vision, goals, and objectives
  • National circumstances
  • National policies that are indicated in the NAP
  • Specific NAP mandate if developed yet
  • Institutional arrangements
  • Key climate hazards and risks
  • Resource mobilization strategies
  • Guiding principles
  • Other cross-cutting issues
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the adaptation process
  • Related NAP outputs

 More summaries are uploaded periodically.

In the continued efforts to increase transparency and accessibility, the LEG created a platform to provide feedback on documents, files, and other resources in the work-in-progress form. This is a way for LEG members and other relevant organizations to provide publicly visible comments and enhance the diversity and transparency of the process.

Created by the LEG, the open NAP initiative is an open-ended collaborative tool, where countries can automate the processing of public climate data resources and gather inputs from all interested and available stakeholders; building on collective experience, expertise, and intelligence beyond national borders, and producing effective National Adaptation Plans faster.

This is a questionnaire designed to collect information in support of the assessment of progress in the process to formulate and implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) under the SBI.

UN4NAPs is a UN-wide rapid technical backstopping initiative for National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), launched in 2021 by the UNFCCC secretariat, in response to mandates for engaging international organizations in support of climate change adaptation.