Dr. Sixbert Mwanga Dr. Sixbert Mwanga 

  Nationality: Tanzania 

  Institution: Climate Action Network Tanzania 

  Website: www.cantz.or.tz






Dr. Sixbert Mwanga is a climate scientist in Tanzania with expertise and experiences in the areas of climate change and natural resource policy, research and able to design and implement on-the ground actions especially in the fields of agriculture, energy, forestry and water. Under his leadership CAN TZ has taken a leading role in spearheading and catalysing the discussions on climate change policy in Tanzania through convening and facilitating stakeholder engagement in the reviewing and inputting in the finalization of key national climate change frameworks namely National Climate Change Strategy and NDC. Moreover, as a climate scientist, Dr. Mwanga has been engaging at multiple levels  from international conferences, regional forums, national dialogues and local solutions. Dr. Mwanga has over 12 years of experience on both research, policy and actions on the ground and has extensive leadership skills for multidisciplinary teams working on complex subjects important for poverty reduction projects.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation:

Climate change and natural resource policy, vulnerability assessment, adaptation options and relevant on-the ground actions especially in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water, and fisheries. 

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