Dr. Zake Joshua Dr. Zake Joshua

  Nationality: Uganda 

  Institution: Regenerate Africa

  Website: Dr. Zake Joshua | Linkedin 







Joshua is a 45 years old Ugandan with 21 years of exposure and experience with issues of sustainable agriculture, natural resources management, environment, climate change and related policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy in Uganda. He has excellent analytic and writing skills. He has authored and co-authored over 50 publications including: technical reports, journal articles, issues papers and policy briefs among others on agriculture, environment and natural resources management, climate change, renewable energy in Uganda during execution of expected tasks in his previous employment and professional consultancy. Joshua is particularly interested in action research and consultancy on issues of agriculture development under smallholder farming systems, natural resources management, integrated water resources management, circularity, climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction; strategic planning and projects/program development and evaluations; and targeted technical capacity building and training for skills and knowledge enhancement in sustainable agriculture, natural resources management and renewable energy.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Knowledge and skills on Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and mitigation; Facilitating community adaptation strategies and actions in agriculture and natural resources management; Mainstreaming climate change in policies and programs; Knowledge and skills for Capacity Needs assessments and Vulnerability assessments; Training and facilitation skills for targeted capacity building in the climate change policy implementation discourse.