Ms. Hana Hamadalla Ms. Hana Hamadalla

  Nationality: Sudan 

  Institution: Higher Council for Environment & Natural Resources








Ms. Hana Hamadalla is the Senior Research and Climate Change, environment and natural resources expert. She holds a Ph.D. on Improving Adaptive Capacities to Climate Extremes and Change through dissemination and use of rainfall forecasts, as a mean for reducing the vulnerability of the rural community in a drought-prone area of Sudan. For more than 32 years, she has developed experience in Natural Resources, Environment and Development issues, including; 17 years in Climate Change issues and environmental aspects in Sudan and other countries. Her areas of expertise are: vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation. She was the Project manager for Low Carbon Development Strategy in Sudan, Member of National Team of Experts on Technology Need Assessment for Climate Change - Mitigation/Adaptation, member of the Team Authors for: preparation of RPP for REDD+, Climate change policy & measures 2015 and Sudan NDCs 2015, updated NDCs 2021. She is also the technical Reviewer expert - UNFCCC for the report of the National Communications of Parties included in Annex I and Biennial Reports of developed country Parties, Chair of LEG - UNFCCC Constituted Body 2018-2021. About 17 years working experience with forest, natural resources and land use management, including forest planning, management, afforestation and reforestation, forest inventory, community-based natural resources. Part time lecturer at University of Sudan for Science and Technology - Faculty of Environmental and Social Sciences (2015).


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Vulnerability assessment; Methods and tools (impact models) for assessing future impacts of CC and assessment of future vulnerability; Multicriteria analysis and prioritization of adaptation options; Institution Arrangement to plan, formulate, appraise, integrate and implement adaptation interventions.