Mr. Mensur Dessie Nuri Mr. Mensur Dessie Nuri

  Nationality: Ethiopia

  Institution: Ministry of Planning and Development, Ethiopia






Mr. Mensur Dessie holds MSc in Urban Environment and Climate Change Management and BSc in Land Resource Management and Environmental Protection.
Mr. Mensur has more than 15 years of experience with extensive exposure to governmental and international organizations who representing Ethiopia and LDCs in various climate change adaptation and mitigation negotiations in the UNFCCC process ranging from COP23 to COP27. 
Mr. Mensur has been guiding the overall development of climate policies, and strategies. Mensur was TWG team member who oversaw and shaped the formulation of the Ethiopia’s updated NDC, and the LT-LEDS of Ethiopia in which adaptation is one of the core elements of these documents.
Mr. Mensur has also been coordinating the mainstreaming and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation across the line ministries based NAP-ETH and the priorities of the NDC and the CRGE. He facilitated the evaluation of the CRGE Implementation Progress Assessment (2011 to 2019).