Mr. Luis Buchir profile picture  Mr. Luis Miguel Buchir 

    Nationality: Mozambique

    Institution: Government of Mozambique - Ministry of Land and Environment 

    Website: Luis Miguel Buchir | Linkedin 






Graduated in physics and meteorology. Postgraduate degree in water resources and environmental engineering, with a master's degree and a doctorate. Member of the Ministry of Land and Environment since 2005, with passages in the sectors of land use planning, environmental management, and climate change. Outstanding functions: Sectoral Focal Point of disaster risk reduction (2006); Head of the Department for Conservation of Natural Resources (2014); Head of the Department of Climate Change (2015); Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development (2017); National Director of Climate Change (2020); and currently serves as Administrator of the Maputo Environmental Protection Area (2021). At the same time, he has always acted as an adviser on climate change in Mozambique, and maintained an active role with academies, acting as a lecturer in the Postgraduate Course in Disaster Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change at Eduardo Mondlane University - Mozambique. 


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Communities Adaptation Capacity; Land Use Planning and Early Warning Systems; Climate Change and Ecosystems Adaptation.