Ms. Herinirina Harisoa Rondro  Ms. Herinirina Harisoa Rondro 

  Nationality: Madagascar

  Institution: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, National Office of

                            Climate Change and REDD+ 





Ms. Rondro HERINIRINA is employed as head of division on mainstreaming and partnerships development, in Adaptation and Climate Resilience Service, National Office of Climate Change and Redd+ at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Madagascar. She is graduated with a master on Economics studies and management at the National Centre for Remote Education of Madagascar (CNTEMAD).  Prior to join the Ministry of Environment, Ms Herinirina has extensive experience in finance and accounting through her positions with companies in the IT and industrial sectors.  Currently, she is nominated as the focal point assistant of Adaptation Fund, and also responsible for the financial management of cross-cutting climate change project, funded by the GCF. She is also alumni from AGNES on “Climate Governance, Diplomacy and Negotiations Leadership Program”, and participates actively to the pre-COP meeting at the national level, especially for adaptation thematic, which is leaded by the Ministry.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Development of adaptation planning (NDC, NAP, AdCom); Contributions to the formulation of sectoral adaptation strategies (water, health, urban sectors); Implementation and monitoring and review of adaptation projects.