Mr. Issa Musa Nyashilu Mr. Issa Musa Nyashilu

   Nationality: Tanzania

   Institution: Vice President's Office 






Mr. Issa Musa Nyashilu Holds MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. He is a public servant at the Vice President’s Office Division of Environment from April 2010 up to date. He has been serving as a Town Planner undertaking various activities including review of environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and strategic environmental assessment projects. Mr. Nyashilu has also coordinated the preparations and ultimately adoption of various policy documents and projects including Tanzania Updated Nationally Determined Contributions 2021, Stocktaking Report of the National Adaptation Plan; National Climate Change Strategy 2021, Strengthening and Country Programming and Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Tanzania’s Planning Processes (NAP project formulation and approval by GCF); African Adaptation Programme (AAP) on Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in the National Sectoral Policies of Tanzania” in which several policy documents were developed and endorsed by the Government e.g. M&E Framework for Climate Change Adaptation 2012 and Climate Change Communication Strategy 2012.


Relevant skills in climate change adaptation: 

Project Formulation and Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Mapping, Adaptation Planning, Adaptation Assessment, Mainstreaming, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).