Ms. Tshering Yangzom  Ms. Tshering Yangzom 

  Nationality: Bhutan

  Institution: National Environment Commission, Royal Government of Bhutan 








Experienced professional in the field of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Environment Conservation and Policy Development. I have worked with the Royal Government of Bhutan over a period of 15 years in various roles ranging from environmental regulation to policy development to programme delivery.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation:

Adaptation Committee member representing Least Developed Countries (LDCs); Bhutan’s Adaptation Point to UNFCCC; Climate change vulnerability and risk Assessments.; Roster of Experts from Bhutan to UNFCCC for GHG inventory, review of methodologies and tools to assess impacts and adaptation; Initiated Least Developed Countries Initiative for Effective Adaptation & Resilience (LIFE-AR) in Bhutan as the national focal point.