Mr. Fred Onduri  Mr. Onduri Machulu Fred 

  Nationality: Uganda 

  Institution: Indipendent Expert







Joined UNFCCC climate change negotiations in 2000 at The Hague. Followed discussions on climate finance, LDC issues, Adaptation, capacity building, mitigation and climate technology development and transfer. Participated in the formulation of the first LDC work programme that prioritised NAPA and operationalised Article 4.9 of the Convention. Was nominated Chair and vice Chair of the LEG. Later served as First Vice Chair and Chair of the CTCN Advisory Board. Currently Lead negotiator on Technology Development and Transfer for LDCs, and a member of the CTCN Advisory Board.Experience in NAPA preparation and implementation and delivering direct technical support and guidance to various LDCs in their respective NAPA preparation and implementation. Participated in the formulation of strategies for NAPs.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Leadership and Team building; Strategic Planning and budgeting; Policy Analysis; Proposal writing; project management; vulnerability analysis and Impact Assessment, facilitation and moderation of workshops and discussions, monitoring and evaluation, Report writing, change management and risk and sustainability analysis.