Dr. Saul Daniel Ddumba  Dr. Saul Daniel Ddumba 

  Nationality: Uganda

  Institution: Makerere University 

  Website: Dr. Saul Daniel Ddumba | Linkedin






Dr. Ddumba is a seasoned Climate Change and Environmental Science Specialist with over 16 years’ international experience in developing institution and legal frameworks on climate change; conducting training and workshops on climate data and climate change scenario at the national and subnational level; developing tools and guidelines for translating climate data and climate change scenarios to the local context; conducting risk and vulnerability assessments and trainings on the assessments; preparing stakeholder engagement plans preferably for communities and vulnerable groups; integrating adaptation into national and sub-national development planning; Integrating gender into climate change actions, programmes and plans; conducting awareness raising and communication programs on adaptation; developing implementation strategies and investment plans for climate change adaptation; and conducting of costing and cost benefit analysis of climate change options. Saul in the implementation of various projects in several countries in the Horn of Africa including Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.


Relevant skills on climate change adaptation: 

Climate risk analysis; Vulnerability assessments; Climate modeling; Proposal development; Project planning; Monitoring and evaluation; Cost benefit analysis; Gender mainstreaming