The Open NAP Initiative

Accelerating the NAP process through open source & open-ended software

What is an Open NAP?


It is NAP made by an open-ended collaborative tool, where countries can automate the processing of public climate data resources and gather inputs from all interested and available stakeholders; building on collective experience, expertise and intelligence beyond national borders, and producing effective National Adaptation Plans faster.

The UNFCCC Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) created the Open NAP initiative to support the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with the development of their National Adaptation Plans. There are currently some LDCs receiving this type of support. Apply below to be part of the Open NAP initiative.


What are the specific objectives of the NAP initiative?

  • Have more effective and innovative data collection, assessment, planning, implementation, and impact

  • Identify well-tested data and models developed and promote their application in-country assessments where appropriate

  • Replicate successful national-level methodologies and approaches in other Open countries

  • Promote consistency, comparability, and scaling across NAPS

  • Mobilize the widest range of inputs from different experts and actors

What countries are part of the Open NAP Initiative so far?

How to get involved?


If you are an LDC and want to get support through the open NAP initiative. Apply now by filling out the form below.
If you are a university, research center, or adaptation expert and want to contribute to the Open NAP initiative, fill out this form and we'll connect with you if opportunities arise. Professionals from LDCs are encouraged to apply.