Project ideas from the LDCs developed during the NAP Writing Workshops in 2022, for the LDCs that participated in those workshops. The project profiles collected here are the result of the two NAP Writing Workshops that took place ion March 24 to 26 and July 12 to 15 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya and Siem Reap, Cambodia respectively. They summarize project ideas and concepts for implementing adaptation solutions from LDCs developed during the workshops and continued through follow-up activities.

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To facilitate communication of the contents of NAPs on adaptation priorities and priority adaptation projects, programmes and policies identified by countries, the LEG is producing his compilation to serve as a tool for publicizing their priorities. It is targeted at those in a position to support the LDCs in further developing these into proposals for submission to a funding target, or to those able to offer funding to the implement these projects. As of 20th October 20222, 39 NAPs have been published on NAP Central. This document presents a compilation of sectoral adaptation priorities as identified in the submitted NAPs*, reflecting the unique presentation of each country, with some standardization as far as possible without paraphrasing the individual entries. 

* Paraguay updated its NAP, making it the first country to have two NAPs on NAP Central. This compilation has summarized the adaptation priorities of its first NAP only.