Integrating earth observations into the formulation and implementation of national adaptation plans: agriculture and food security

This first edition of the GEO supplementary technical guidelines on NAPs addresses EO solutions to agriculture and food security-related challenges, which will help countries with practical guidance and opportunities to drive the implementation of their adaptation agenda, based on the experience of the GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative.

Toolkit to enhance access to climate finance: A Commonwealth Practical Guide

This Toolkit has been developed as a practical resource to enhance the capabilities of member countries to access climate finance. With knowledge sharing being a fundamental pillar of the CCFAH, the Toolkit consolidates the in-country experiences and examples from the Hub in supporting climate finance mobilisation for member countries. This can serve as a guide for other member countries where the CCFAH is yet to have a presence

Guidelines for Integrating Ecosystem-based Adaptation into National Adaptation Plans: Supplement to the UNFCCC NAP Technical Guidelines

The ultimate aim of these supplementary guidelines is to inspire and motivate countries to adopt ecosystem approaches when planning for climate-resilient development and when selecting and implementing adaptation options, and also to assist them to scale up and enhance EbA once they are already considering ecosystem approaches.

Developing the Climate Science Basis for Climate Action

The purpose of this publication and associated resources is to provide the international community on adaptation practices with access to new climate information, tools, and guidance to develop the scientific basis for climate action decisions, particularly for climate adaptation and resilience projects. Providing these products can help countries identify and select the most effective climate actions to overcome the various challenges of climate change. In doing so, the guidance can contribute to country-level decision-making and the mobilization of climate finance.

Promoting Synergy and Alignment: Between Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Context of National Adaptation Plans

This supplement focuses particularly on the opportunities that the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process provides to national authorities and stakeholders for integrating risk-centred approaches and in creating synergies and effective connections with disaster risk reduction efforts. It should be used in conjunction with the NAP guidelines as it uses the four elements outlined in that document as its basis.

​Quality criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans

Countries often face challenges in the design, development and implementation of HNAPs. This document should be used alongside the HNAP guidance as additional support in designing and developing a quality HNAP adaptable to specific country contexts. The criteria included in this document reflect the lessons learned by the WHO in its support to countries in developing HNAPs as part of the process to formulate and implement NAPs since 2012. 

Addressing forestry and agroforestry in National Adaptation Plans

This publication Addressing Forestry and Agroforestry in National Adaptation Plans: supplementary guidelines provides technical guidance on the integration of forests, agroforestry and trees in the formulation and implementation of NAPs. It aims to inform policy makers and government officers responsible for NAP planning and processes, as well as forestry stakeholders and other interested actors, on the needs of forestry and agroforestry for adaptation and their potential to support the adaptation of other sectors, subsectors and activities.

Addressing fisheries and aquaculture in National Adaptation Plans​

The Addressing Fisheries and Aquaculture in National Adaptation Plans Supplement provides technical guidance on the integration of fisheries and aquaculture in the formulation and implementation of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and complements FAO’s Addressing agriculture, forestry and fisheries in National Adaptation Plans – Supplementary guidelines (referred to as NAP-Ag Guidelines, FAO 2017a).